Does grapefruit burn fat?

Answer A study conducted by the Division of Endocrinology of the Department of Nutrition and Metabolic Research at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California, appears to show that grapefruit can aid in fat bu... Read More »

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How to Eat a Grapefruit?

Grapefruits are a delicious fruit in the citrus family. They are sometimes a bit tangy, but a sprinkle of sugar will help make them sweeter. The grapefruit is very healthy eaten as a snack or as pa... Read More »

How to Cut a Grapefruit?

Grapefruit skin is the most bitter part. The canned slices are skinless but have lost some nutrients. This method leaves in a bit of skin in but tends to keep it away from your tongue, leaving the ... Read More »

What is grapefruit pectin?

Pectin is made from the rinds of citrus fruits like grapefruit, and helps to gel jams and jellies. However, some researchers claim that if you have high cholesterol, taking grapefruit pectin supple... Read More »

How many calories in a grapefruit?

Calories in a grapefruit WHOLE: 106 calories in a large grapefruit (about 4½" diameter) 80-82 calories in a medium grapefruit (about 3¾" diameter)64 calories in a small grapefruit (about 3½" dia... Read More »