Does granite contain radon?

Answer Granite countertops do emit small amounts of radiation and radon. According to a report done by CBS's "The Early Show," the amount of radon emitted by granite countertops can create the same cancer... Read More »

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Does granite have radon?

According to CBS News, granite can emit radon--sometimes even dangerous amounts (above 4.0 picocuries per liter of air). The Environmental Protection Agency suggests that all homeowners, especially... Read More »

Does corn contain radon?

Because radon occurs naturally in all soil and water and nearly all types of rock, any produce grown in soil and exposed to rainwater, including corn, contains trace amounts of radon. However, whil... Read More »

Is there radon in granite?

Granite igneous rocks emit high levels of radon, a radioactive gas produced when the uranium contained in the granite breaks down, according Idaho State University's SNM Committee on Radiobiologica... Read More »

Is radon emitted from granite?

The Marble Institute of America reports that granite does emit radon. The Institute also reports, however, that normal amounts of radon in the air exist at levels one million times higher than that... Read More »