Does google wallet is an alternative of paypal?

Answer those are two completely different thingsgoogle wallet is to pay in person using for example smartphone with NFC (near field communication)Paypal is an online money transfer, like to pay for items ... Read More »

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Is Google Wallet safe?

Google Wallet has more security features than your leather wallet. It starts by encrypting your credit and debit card info in your Google account online; and then making it available on your phone ... Read More »

Has anyone found an alternative to ebay/paypal for online selling/buying.?

Here is a list of 11 alternatives.…there's a site called ubid like a good one too.

Hi, I have galaxy s3 and i installed google wallet but it says my device or operator isn't supported help plea?

Vakhtang: The reason Wallet is not working is because some carriers don't allow it, Im guessing you're on either Verizon ATT or T-Mo, The only galaxy S3 that supports it officially is the Sprint ve... Read More »

Does a PayPal account have to be linked to an eBay account in order to use PayPal?

No, it is not necessary to have an eBay account linked to use a PayPal account. To register with PayPal, you only need a credit card or bank account that you can verify.References:PayPal: Getting S... Read More »