Does google really make us stupid?

Answer Well maybe. I see a lot of the same problems with the Internet as I see with television. If people spend all their time on the Internet they are going to be brainwashed and not spend that time lear... Read More »

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Why the heck is Google being so stupid!?

It's ultimately Google's account to manage, and if the managers decide to force a password change due to possible compromise, time constraints or any other reason, you do it.Or, just don't use Google.

Is Google making us stupid why?

No.There are good and bad sites. Pick good ones and you learn. Pick bad ones and you become stupid.That's 20 words.Bad ones are negative stuff like anorexia and pornGood ones are positive ones that... Read More »

Why do people ask stupid questions that would be easily and more quickly answered with a google search?

I know they're idiots.But maybe they don't believe what's online because there's a lot of crap. So they want to ask people, failing to realise that those people are full of crap, are online people ... Read More »

Who else thinks that google changing it's homepage logo is really annoying/stupid/silly?

I like it when they change it but u r right the classic google is gd and the laser one was annoying i couldn't even tell what it reads anyway i think they shouldn't do it often cuz 2 much of somet... Read More »