Does gold plating an IPhone void its warranty?

Answer Yes.

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Does E10 ethanol void the warranty of a new car according to the EPA?

According to the EPA's website, blends of up to 10 percent ethanol in gasoline, referred to as E10, should not void your warranty. The EPA recommends checking your vehicle's owner's manual or talk... Read More »

Does water damage void your warranty?

Does installing Android Marketapk on egArchos 101 void the warranty?

must have something to do with daylight savings...happened on mine too like...40 min ago and i see a ton of recent posts on it

Does installing android market on devices that don't have it void the warranty?

Not at all... All you are doing is installing an app onto the phone (An .apk file to be exact). This is just like you putting a game on your phone, or putting a picture/mp3/wmv, etc.. on it. You ... Read More »