Does going to the chiropractor hurt?

Answer Your back hurts anyway, that's why you're getting treated.It might be a little uncomfortable the first time - but don't be scared, it will immediately feel way better and you will be glad you did.Y... Read More »

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Does going to the dentist hurt?

No, it's fine. If they are going to do anything painful they will numb your mouth.

How do you fix a back ache wihtout going to the chiropractor?

BACK PROBLEMS CAN BE SERIOUS! she may have a pinched nerve, a pulled disc, or sciatic verve damage.....what kind of pain? throbbing, pinching, constant or just sore muscle type pain? assess that an... Read More »

Anyone have luck going to a chiropractor?

Make sure that you are going to someone totally honest. I have been going to a chiropractor for 5 years after an extremely painful lower back muscle spasm. I have never left his office in pain, n... Read More »

Can going to a chiropractor cause stomach problems?

On One Hand: Stomach BenefitsChiropractic care will not cause stomach problems in most instances. In fact, it can sometimes help people who have stomach issues. Messages are delivered along the ner... Read More »