Does going on food stamps negatively affect your future?

Answer On One Hand: Food Stamps Encourage IndolenceThe New York Times recently reported that the stigma associated with food stamps is vanishing as the recession continues. Reaping the benefits of this ty... Read More »

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How Does Separation Affect Food Stamps?

Household concept is an important consideration for Food Stamps eligibility. A household is the people living under the same roof that must be included on the case. Spouses cannot be excluded from ... Read More »

Do food stamps affect credit score?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibit the consideration of any form of public assistance in the formulation of credit scores. Credit scores are compiled based ... Read More »

Air Force members must avoid relationships that negatively affect morale discipline respect for authority and unit cohesion?

If I Negotiate With Credit Card Companies Myself, Will It Negatively Affect My Credit Score?

If you lose your income, you may find yourself with credit card accounts that you are having trouble paying. As these balances become past due and move further into delinquency, account holders may... Read More »