Does global warming have an effect on human health?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, Says WHOIn 2006, the World Health Organization estimated that global warming killed 160,000 people, according to "Time" magazine. Extreme weather conditions, such as heat waves an... Read More »

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The Effect of Global Warming on the Wet Tropics?

Global warming causes the Earth's temperature to rise due to an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, most commonly caused by man-made air pollution. Global warming is a major threat to human... Read More »

The Effect of Global Warming on Primary Activities?

Primary activities include elements of the economy that are focused on the production and extraction of resources. Primary economic activities are those that underlie the retail activities with whi... Read More »

Facts of How Human Activity Causes Global Warming?

In its 4.5 billion years, the earth has gone through climate change many times. Ice ages have been followed by warming cycles. What has happened over the past century, though, is unprecedented. Acc... Read More »

Positive & Negative Effects of Global Warming on the Human Race?

Some scientists warn of the dire effects of global warming on the human race. Others say that these warnings are exaggerations and the impact will be minimal. Those on one side of the argument are ... Read More »