Does ghee ever spoil?

Answer Ghee is clarified butter from which moisture and milk solids have been cooked out and removed. While ghee can eventually spoil, the absence of milk solids allows it to stay good much longer than re... Read More »

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What is the difference between Veg Ghee and Non Veg Ghee ?

Real Ghee is veg ghee which is made from the milk of mammals especially cows, Non-veg ghee is made from the fat of dead animals and is NOT real ghee, i believe it is mostly made from pigs or someth... Read More »

Do canned vegetables ever spoil?

Canned vegetables usually last approximately a year from the time of purchase. However, some canned goods can last two years at the most. All food products have a shelf life or “use by” date. C... Read More »

Does ghee need to be refrigerated?

Ghee, also known as clarified butter, does not have to be refrigerated. It can be aged for decades. It should, however, be kept in an airtight container and away from moisture.References:Food-India... Read More »

Does perfume spoil?

Perfumes do not spoil, but their fragrance can fade over time. Three to five years is the normal time frame for a fragrance to last. Perfumes in clear bottles may lose their smell faster than those... Read More »