Does getting your wisom teeth..?

Answer they give you a local anaesthetic so it might be uncomfortable when they pull it out, but it shouldn't hurt- if it does, ask them for more! The real pain will come once it's removed, but even then... Read More »

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A few questions about getting wisom teeth pulled?

I had all 4 of mine pulled (at the age of 24) . 3 of them came out easily, the last had to be cut out. The 3 that were just pulled didnt seem to hurt that bad. It felt like just getting your teeth ... Read More »

Can getting hairs stuck in your teeth cause long term damage to your teeth?

I'm sure! That's why the whole world should shave.

Does is hurt getting your teeth cleaned?

Hurt, probably not, but it will most likely be uncomfortable. They'll have to scrape away all the tartar and stuff, but it'll be OK. You'll survive. Bring your ipod or whatever and listen to mus... Read More »

Does it hurt getting your teeth pulled out?

well i know how you feel i always get nervous to go to the dentist for anything. but just try to calm down you will be ok. when you get there they will probly numb you with a gel and then give yo... Read More »