Does getting your wisdom teeth out hurt?

Answer I had all my wisdom teeth out at the same time in 1974. They have great new techniques but there will still be some discomfort. They put me out when I had them taken out and I looked like a chipm... Read More »

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Does getting your wisdom teeth removed hurt?

Not if you're put to sleep or numbed, which you should be. You may have soreness afterwards, but your dentist will give you pain meds & probably have you rinse or use a syringe (no needle) to squir... Read More »

Does it hurt getting wisdom teeth pulled?

I think some of the other answerers are trying to scare the bajeesus out of you. I had four wisdom teeth removed before they came in--all in one appointment. The dentist cut open the gums, sawed ... Read More »

Im getting my all 4 wisdom teeth took out next week. Im scared to death. Does it hurt What can i eat?

It actually depends on how impacted your teeth are and the configuration of your roots. In most cases, you will be sore for a few days, but your Dentist or Oral surgeon should give you meds for th... Read More »

Will getting my Wisdom teeth removed hurt?

maybe, or local novocaine. of course there will be pain but it's worth it.