Does getting your lip pierced hurt?

Answer When I got my snake bites done, it was a 2 or 3. It feels like a hard pinch as the needle goes through and then another pinch as the jewlery goes in. It's not unbearable and it's over in a couple o... Read More »

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Does having your ears pierced hurt?

They'll use what is called a 'gun' which are often small blocks these days, they work by pressure. The piercer will draw small dots where the piercing will be and let you see in the mirror. When yo... Read More »

Does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?

Listen to gabby. DO NOT GET YOUR EAR PIERCED WITH A GUN, they are not sterile and can shatter your cartilage as the jewellery is blunt and just gets forced into your ear, don't risk it getting infe... Read More »

I want 2 get my ears pierced really bad!! does it hurt?

Just a little, it's like a little sting, you can do it!

Does it hurt getting your tounge pierced?