Does getting your ears syringed hurt ?

Answer Pretty much as the others have said, I only had one done and it affected my balance for a minute or two and in the first few seconds after it was done I swear I could hear the fly crawling down the... Read More »

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Who has ever had there ears syringed?

Not me but reading the answers I really do count my blessings. It just goes to show how people take the 'senses' for the fart 'A'.Keep well y'all x

My ears hurt alot what should i do?

There is pressure on the nerves to your ears to make them sensitive like that. Your neck muscles go to the top of your head passing just inside of your ears where, when tight they can press into t... Read More »

Should I get my ears pierced (Does it hurt)?

It's important to get your ears pierced by someone who knows what they are doing. You don't want a friend doing the piercing for you. You also should have your parent's permission before you have y... Read More »

Does it hurt to pierce your ears?

You get what you pay for. you pay $5, you get a crappy job. My second piercing hurt more than the first and my cartilage piercing hurt more than both. The higher up on the ear you go, the more it's... Read More »