Does getting your bra strap snap hurt more than getin kicked in the balls?

Answer Clearly, it's the balls!! They are considered the weakest part on the human body and as I was taught in my self defense class, one of the best targets for the female sex to disable and escape a mal... Read More »

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What does it feel like to get kicked in the balls?

One thing for sure young lady, they are not over reacting. That would be like somebody taking a sledge hammer and hit you on the knee. The worse thing that can happen, you could damage their manhoo... Read More »

Which hurts more, being kicked in the balls or childbirth?

Kick in the balls, at least woman get drugs with childbirth.

My Mother kicked me in the groin it didn't hurt at first but now it hurts.what should I do and how do I handle it next time?

Put ice on it and that will help. The way you wrote the question is that the kick was on purpose by your mother. If this is true, then, it is abuse and you need to call social services.

Help please my balls hurt?

You have a yeast infection on your face!?! Holy ****! I'd get your sack checked ASAP man, could be something way worse.