How to Continue Your Life After Accidentally Getting Pregnant at a Young Age?

Answer Pregnant at a young age? Assuming you've decided to continue your pregnancy and raise your baby, your life will change in many ways, from the physical changes to the increased responsibilities to t... Read More »

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Did getting pregnant and having kids literally save your life?

Yes. I was doing drugs, partying all the time, crappy part time job, living with my mom... just not an ideal citizen. My boyfriend (now my husband) was the same way. Then I got pregnant with my ... Read More »

How to Avoid Letting Cats Ruin Your Love Life?

Although cats are fabulous animals and make great pets, many people just don't like cats! If you're wondering what's with the fizzle in your love life as the cat takes up residence on your lap, con... Read More »

Can Student Loans Like Sallie Mae Ruin Your Life?

Sallie Mae can't ruin your life. Choosing to NOT PAY your debts can have a significant impact on your quality of life later, but this is the case with any debt.A quick estimate when figuring payme... Read More »

Would having a baby at an early age ruin your life?

No. It would change your life. Every decision that you make in life has the potential to ruin or enhance your life. A baby is the most special thing that can happen to someone. It will bring challe... Read More »