Does getting blood drawn hurt?

Answer Doesn't hurt at all. Like literally, you can't feel anything. They tie a tourniquet above your elbow, stick a needle in the vein that pops out because of the tourniquet, and blood just flows into i... Read More »

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Will getting my Blood Drawn hurt?

I know it's not easy, but the best thing to do is try and relax when they draw your blood. Other than the initial poke, you should be fine. ----------------------------------------…

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… Does getting ur blood drawn hurt?

No, not really at all. Especially if the nurse taking the blood has experience.It can make you feel a bit weak and drowsy though, especially if you have to fast before hand.On rare occasions you ca... Read More »

Is having ur blood drawn scary?

I'm twenty-four and I STILL get squeamish about having my blood drawn. I find it helps me to joke about it while it's happening, even if the jokes are corny and at my own expense. I don't look at... Read More »

Blood drawn and bruise mark on arm?

It's a bruise.A bruise is what happens when trauma (anything that causes harm) causes blood to flow inside the skin. So, a good thump with a baseball, a fall, or the bleeding from a pierced vein. ... Read More »