Does getting a tooth pulled and getting an implant done hurt?

Answer They should use laughing gas. I was literally floating on a red cloud when they did mine. They woke me up later and my mouth felt like it had a red balloon in it. With most dental procedures the ac... Read More »

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Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled?

Yes of course it does. LOL and It seems to me the hardest part, the true hurting, is after it is gone, the healing, especially if it is a molar, or a wisdom tooth. If you are really afraid of ... Read More »

Does having a tooth pulled out hurt? mom's a dentist and I believe having a teeth pulled out does hurt. In my opinion only..harhar. Because it has nerves that when moved..then it's called stimulus. Automatically, you're brai... Read More »

Im getting my tooth pulled.Will it Hurt?

Dear Taylor G,It wont hurt TRUST me!You will get scared TRUST me on that too.But it wont hurt at all.USALLY, orthadonists or dentists Would use adrill to make it loose so watch out 4 that.I have pu... Read More »

Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled out ?

You will feel a sting when he injects the numbing agent in to your gum but until that wears off... You won't feel ANYTHING...Depending on what tooth is being removed, you will feel the "Thump" as s... Read More »