Does getting a ring tattoo hurt?

Answer On One Hand: All Tattoos HurtAll tattoos hurt, by their very nature. Tattoos on nerve-rich areas or places near the bone, such as the back of the neck and the spine, the collarbone, the ankle, the ... Read More »

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How to Get a Wedding Ring Tattoo?

Wedding ring tattoos are a popular trend for couples getting married. This gesture is a powerful statement made to each other and the world because it is a permanent symbol of your love and dedicat... Read More »

Does a lip ring piercing hurt?

it depends on your pain tolerance,and it only hurts for a moment if it does hurt.

How much does getting a tattoo hurt really?

it really depends on where you get it and how big it is. both of mine are on my shoulder blades and it was about a 5 on the 1-10 scale. if you have had a child, then this pain is nothing...I know... Read More »

How bad does getting a tattoo hurt?

I have only one tattoo and I have it on my lower back. It's a little hard to describe how it feels. It was not pleasant for me but it was tolerable. I didn't cry or anything! :) It was almost like ... Read More »