Does getting a ring tattoo hurt?

Answer On One Hand: All Tattoos HurtAll tattoos hurt, by their very nature. Tattoos on nerve-rich areas or places near the bone, such as the back of the neck and the spine, the collarbone, the ankle, the ... Read More »

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Does getting a tattoo hurt?

It all depends on, how well you take pain, where it is located on your body and how heavylight handed the tattoo artist is. but it feels more like someone is scratching/burning you but the pain is ... Read More »

How bad does getting a tattoo hurt?

I have only one tattoo and I have it on my lower back. It's a little hard to describe how it feels. It was not pleasant for me but it was tolerable. I didn't cry or anything! :) It was almost like ... Read More »

How much does getting a tattoo hurt really?

it really depends on where you get it and how big it is. both of mine are on my shoulder blades and it was about a 5 on the 1-10 scale. if you have had a child, then this pain is nothing...I know... Read More »

Does getting a tattoo on your calf hurt?

pain is different for everyone! I have a friend who was tattooed there and he said it was really painful, but it depends on the person and the tattoo.