Does getting a filling hurt?

Answer not really. they first give you something to numb the pain in your mouth so you will not feel a thing as they drill and fill your teeth. what might bother you is the sound of the drill drilling a h... Read More »

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Does Not Filling Out a Resume Hurt Your Chances of Getting a Job?

Every position, from a short-order cook at a restaurant to a CEO of a large company, needs or at least benefits from the worker preparing a resume. Omitting a resume often means an employer does no... Read More »

Does getting a tooth filling hurt Help! I'm Scared!?

No it doesnt. It is your fear that tells you to be scared. Ask the dentist to use topical anesthetic before he injects the needle. You wont feel nothing even the poking. If he is a good dentist he ... Read More »

Does it hurt to get a filling?

I just got one done not too long ago...same thing as you, I had a hole. They drilled off about a quarter of my tooth. I got 6 shots in my mouth over the course of the whole time. You can't feel ... Read More »

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does a filling hurt?

If a 10 is getting your leg blown off in a roadside bomb, then I would say a 0.5.