Does getting a crown on your tooth hurt?

Answer oh no...hunnie......if u had a root canal years ago...then technically...the tooth is far as the crown process....u will be on local anesthsia and they would remove at least 1-2 mm of sur... Read More »

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Does getting a tooth pulled and getting an implant done hurt?

They should use laughing gas. I was literally floating on a red cloud when they did mine. They woke me up later and my mouth felt like it had a red balloon in it. With most dental procedures the ac... Read More »

Does getting a baby tooth extracted hurt?

I had one of my back baby teeth taken out and I had 7 injections. I had a gel put on before they injected me to numb the skin and I didn't feel a thing. My tooth still had it's complete root but as... Read More »

Does getting a tooth filling hurt Help! I'm Scared!?

No it doesnt. It is your fear that tells you to be scared. Ask the dentist to use topical anesthetic before he injects the needle. You wont feel nothing even the poking. If he is a good dentist he ... Read More »

Is your tooth/gum/jawbone suppose to hurt after a root canal has been done and before a crown has been placed?

Your tooth can hurt for 3-4 days after the root canal treatment. For this you can take pain killer prescribed by the dentist. If it hurts even after a week then you should consult your dentist and ... Read More »