Does gender matter when selecting a cat as a companion for a dog?

Answer Can cats and dogs get along? This is the golden egg people have been trying to crack since the beginning of time. Yes, cats and dogs can get along, most of the time actually.Sometimes Yes, Sometime... Read More »

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What impact does the colour and light relationship have when selecting colours for an interior design?

Answer when selecting colors for a room, business or home, it is very important to consider the light that comes in the room also. a light color room which gets a lot of light can be too bright an... Read More »

When I create a youtube username, It says "please choose a gender" But there are no bars to choose a gender.?

you need to press on the up-down arrow button

When does the gender form in a baby?

According to the Mayo Clinic, gender forms in a baby during the ninth week after conception, also known as the eleventh week of pregnancy. At this point, the baby is referred to as a fetus, and the... Read More »

When does a baby develop gender?

The sex of the baby is determined at conception, as this is when the genetic makeup of the child is created. A baby will begin to develop gender-specific sex organs at about week 12 of fetal develo... Read More »