Does gas chromatography read argon gas as oxygen?

Answer A gas chromatograph cannot accurately differentiate between argon gas and oxygen. There are methods commonly used to separate the oxygen either physically or relatively to precisely calculate the i... Read More »

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Can argon&oxygen bottles be stored together?

Argon is an inert or nonreactive gas; consequently it is not flammable and shouldn't pose any special hazards when stored together with oxygen. All compressed gases, however, are potentially hazard... Read More »

How to Do Simple Chromatography?

When you use a black marker, you think that the ink contained in that marker is black, correct? Well, with this simple and basic chemistry project, you can actually see all the pigments that went i... Read More »

What is the use of chromatography in forensic science?

On One Hand: Blood AnalysisChromatography is the process of separating a complex mixture into its individual components. In forensics, scientists often use chromatography to analyze blood from a cr... Read More »

Science Projects on Chromatography?

Chromatography is a common scientific method used to analyze and test the purity of compounds. This technique can easily be adapted to a classroom environment and used as a science project to demon... Read More »