Does gas chromatography read argon gas as oxygen?

Answer A gas chromatograph cannot accurately differentiate between argon gas and oxygen. There are methods commonly used to separate the oxygen either physically or relatively to precisely calculate the i... Read More »

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Can argon&oxygen bottles be stored together?

Argon is an inert or nonreactive gas; consequently it is not flammable and shouldn't pose any special hazards when stored together with oxygen. All compressed gases, however, are potentially hazard... Read More »

Does argon in windows work?

On One Hand: Argon Filled Windows are Better InsulatorsArgon transfers less heat than air. This makes argon-filled windows better insulators than standard dual pane windows.On the Other: They Can ... Read More »

Does argon come from an ore?

Argon is a gas at room temperature. The atmosphere consists of 0.93 percent argon. It does not combine with other molecules, so it is called an inert or noble gas. Argon does not come from an ore.R... Read More »

Does argon gas in windows work?

Argon gas does not absorb temperature as well as regular air, so sealing argon gas into double-paned windows will increase energy efficiency. It is most effective when paired with low-E glass, whic... Read More »