Does garlic work to treat yeast infections?

Answer On One Hand: Garlic Destroys YeastGarlic is an all-natural and clinically proven treatment against yeast infections. Whether taken orally or as a suppository, garlic works immediately and intensely... Read More »

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Can garlic kill yeast infections in men?

On One Hand: It's PossibleGarlic has been successfully used to treat minor infections in wounds. Proponents of herbal healing recommend it as an antiseptic, so it could possibly be used to successf... Read More »

Can i treat a yeast infection with garlic in a jar?

To properly treat a yeast infection with garlic you need to attain garlic clove that are unprocessed. A fresh garlic clove inserted into the vagina for one or two nights will also, most likely, red... Read More »

Can boric acid be used to treat vaginal yeast infections?

Boric acid capsules can be used instead of prescription drugs to treat vaginal yeast infections. It may be more effective than prescription drugs for infections that are recurrent or resistant. Bor... Read More »

Does yogurt work on yeast infections?

On One Hand: Yogurt May Be the CureAccording to David Ashley Hill, MD, eating 8 daily ounces of yogurt containing lactobacillus acidophilus can cure and prevent yeast infections. Another option is ... Read More »