Does garggling salt and water really help a sore throat?

Answer yes it does

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I have mega sore throat, tried the honey and lemon remedy,and salt water xx?

I think keep up the honey and lemon but add some ginger also go to bed and take things easy .I am on my way over to give you a thorough check up to make sure you are OK and don't worry i won't use ... Read More »

How to Cure a Sore Throat (Salt Water Method)?

You know when you have one of those days where you don't want to get out of your bed because of a sore throat? Here's some suggestions to getting rid of a sore throat.

I have a really bad sore throat what can I do besides lozenges help xx?

I recommend having some warm lemon juice with honey. :)

I have a really sore throat! Any home remedies to help, besides tea, honey & gargling?

I had strep throat 3 times in a 6-week span last year, so I THINK I could help, haha...Something I did was to freeze a bottle of some sort of drink (I used Gatorade). Take a few sips (this will kee... Read More »