Does gamma oryzanol cause weight gain?

Answer On One Hand: No Reported Side states gamma oryzanol (rice bran oil) has had no negative or adverse reactions in either humans or animals. It is simply the oil reduction of rice bra... Read More »

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Does the ortho evra patch cause weight gain?

On One Hand: The Patch Can Cause Weight GainMedline Plus, a service provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, lists weight gain as a possible side effect of the Ortho Evra patch. According... Read More »

Can Fluvoxamine Maleate cause weight gain?

While it is not listed in the side effects from the manufacturer, SSRIs can have that effect on some people. The great news is that any weight gain is minimal and managed well with diet and exercise.

Can prednisone tablets cause weight gain?

On One Hand: Recognized Side EffectPrednisone is a corticosteroid, so one of the drug's major side effects is weight gain. The amount of weight gained will vary among users based on the dosage and ... Read More »

Can blood pressure medications cause weight gain?

On One Hand: Blood Pressure Medication Can Cause Weight GainAccording to the Mayo Clinic, beta blockers, a type of blood pressure medication, can cause weight gain. Doctors are not exactly sure why... Read More »