Does frozen food go bad if left out for 4 hours?

Answer As long as the food has ice crystals in it, it is ok. It usually takes food longer than 4 hours to thaw out, especially meat...

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I left a frozen steak on the counter for 12 hours, should I throw it out or do u think it is still safe to eat?

Should be thawed out by now. Go ahead and cook it, make sure it's well done'

How has frozen food influenced our food selection?

At times here frozen foods are cheaper and better in quality, and streets ahead of canned.We freeze foods so they stay in good condition and not go off so fast.Dune.

Can food be frozen in glass food containers?

You can freeze food in glass containers, but many foods expand when they freeze and will shatter regular glass if the container is full. Heavy-duty cooking glass, such as Pyrex, is freezer-friendly... Read More »

Salad left in the car for 4 hours, is it still good?

40-140 degrees is the danger zone. Cold foods need to be kept below 40 degrees. Hot foods need to be kept above 140 degrees. Otherwise, they grow bacteria that can lead to food-borne illness. S... Read More »