Does frequently powering up an LED TV shorten the TV's lifespan?

Answer If LEDs are overpowered you will see dimming over time. Normal LED screens are not designed to fail that quickly, but cheaper ones may overvolt LEDs to get beter luminosity numbers. There is no eas... Read More »

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Is FDA trying to shorten the lifespan of our children?

I don't agree that the FDA is trying to shorten out children's lives. The FDA is an organization and cannot have an opinion, but the people working their are operating under specific agendas. I b... Read More »

When they say a symptom of pregnancy is frequent urination do they mean you go frequently or just have the urge frequently but not a lot comes out?

Powering a PC fan with USB port?

well you can do the calculations on it. the max for usb is 500ma so total power is the voltage times the current. so that would be 0.5amps x 5v so 2.1watts total power. so no it wont damage it. btw... Read More »

Help powering the 3 fans in my pc case?

That ASRock Z77 Extreme4 has plenty case fan (chassis fan) connectors, there is absolutely no need for any Molex adapter, just look on the board...Just bellow the CPU socket and little to the left ... Read More »