Does formatting ur hard drive get rid of a virus?

Answer OK, first of all don't panic! This can be solved without reformatting your hard drive.First, you will need to get some software programs to help you. They are free for personal use.Anti-Spyware So... Read More »

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Does formatting a pen drive remove all the virus from it Also hard-drive?

the nature of virus is=> copying the virus to all drives frequentlywhn u formating the drive, yes it deletes the file but virus program paste a fresh copy in it as soon as just try to... Read More »

What is the purpose of formatting a hard drive?

The format of a hard drive determines a lot of its capabilities and limitations. Much of this has to do with what kind of operating system it will function with, but formatting a hard drive has oth... Read More »

How to Add a New Motherboard Without Formatting a Hard Drive?

The motherboard on your computer is the large circuit board that helps control various parts of the system. Some chips on the motherboard help control the data that goes to and from the hard drives... Read More »

What are the benefits of formatting a hard drive?

Formatting a hard drive is the act of erasing the contents of a storage device. Depending on what your goal is, there are several reasons why this action can be beneficial for you and your computer... Read More »