Does formatting a pen drive remove all the virus from it Also hard-drive?

Answer the nature of virus is=> copying the virus to all drives frequentlywhn u formating the drive, yes it deletes the file but virus program paste a fresh copy in it as soon as just try to... Read More »

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Does formatting ur hard drive get rid of a virus?

OK, first of all don't panic! This can be solved without reformatting your hard drive.First, you will need to get some software programs to help you. They are free for personal use.Anti-Spyware So... Read More »

How to Remove a Virus From a Hard Drive?

With Internet usage becoming more and more commonplace, your computer subsequently becomes more exposed to infections from malicious software such as viruses, Trojans and spyware. Despite the best ... Read More »

What does allocation size mean when you are formatting your hard drive?

When formatting the hard drive, the user typically has an option to set the allocation size. This is the smallest size a unit on the hard drive can use when storing a file to the hard drive.Referen... Read More »

Does formatting a external hard drive, erase absolutley everything so you will never be able to recover?

To everyone who said NO, you are correct. Invoking the format command in Windows merely initialises the file pointers leaving the drive in a state where it appears void of all data. Fact is, that a... Read More »