Does formatting a hard disk erase Windows XP register?

Answer NO. Formatting does not erase anything but the directory of the partition. That is why an Undelete program can recover the formatted or deleted information. The information mis not lost till Window... Read More »

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Wiping a Hard Disk Clean: How to Completely Erase a Hard Disk Drive?

If only it were as easy as deleting all your files and emptying the recycle bin, you could wipe a computer clean easily in a few minutes. Unfortunately, doing so just makes your personal and busine... Read More »

Does formatting a external hard drive, erase absolutley everything so you will never be able to recover?

To everyone who said NO, you are correct. Invoking the format command in Windows merely initialises the file pointers leaving the drive in a state where it appears void of all data. Fact is, that a... Read More »

500 gig sd+2 terabyte hard disk, how should i go about setting this up, formatting etc?

Use the 500 as your system drive. Format the 1TB, into 2 partitions. One to keep data on and the other to backup the System drive.

Does frequent partitioning and formatting spoil the Hard Disk?

Nothing will happen to ur hard drive at all.I have formated my hard drive 9 times in last two years.(5 times installing xp to Xp and 4 times installing-formatting xp- VISTA.I have xp now, but no pr... Read More »