Does food that is "made with 100% real cheese" mean it contains no rennet?

Answer Real cheese is and has traditionally been made with milk and rennet, and rennet has almost always been animal based rennet. Unless a cheese specifically states that it is made with vegetable rennet... Read More »

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What kind of cheese contains rennet?

Most forms of cheese are produced through coagulation, the separation of the solid curd from the liquid whey. Usually rennet is used to coagulate the milk, though some fresh cheeses and commercial ... Read More »

Is rennet in brie cheese?

Brie cheese is made with rennet, a natural complex of enzymes, according to The Farm. Rennet is available in vegetable or animal form and is used to coagulate milk during cheese production. Brie ch... Read More »

Does Heluva Good cheese use rennet?

To create cheese, the curds and whey need to be separated and the curds need to coagulate. Coagulation is created by adding an enzyme, usually rennet, that spurs the process. Unfortunately, for veg... Read More »

What is rennet made from?

Madison Market Natural Foods explains that rennet is a term for any coagulant that curdles milk. Rennet usually comes from the stomachs of calves. Certain kinds of vegetables or varieties of labora... Read More »