Does food coloring change the flavor of frosting?

Answer Only to the most delicate of palates. Although, the colour of the icing will have a psychological effect on the eater, so they may believe it tastes different, but in fact it'll just be in their mi... Read More »

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When Coloring Frosting How Do I Get Bright Blue?

Brightly colored frosting can add an appealing touch to any desert. It gives the food a fun and artistic edge, and attracts people to admire the work of the baker and try it out. Frosting is typica... Read More »

Can Food Coloring Change an Ivy Plant Leaf's Color?

Plants grow by absorbing nutrients from the soil. Anything that's in the soil becomes part of the plant's diet and affects its condition. Plants, like Ivy, depend upon clean, healthy soil to grow t... Read More »

What flavor cake would be best with vanilla buttercream frosting?

hi vanilla, since vanilla buttercream is such a universally appealing flavor, i think either one of those 2 cake mixes would work great. i would go with the devil's food cake because i love chocol... Read More »

Is food coloring the same as icing coloring?

Food coloring and icing coloring is not the same thing. Icing coloring is a colored gel that does not water down the frosting and is available in a multitude of shades. Food coloring is water-based... Read More »