Does foam rubber contain latex?

Answer For people with latex allergies, it is not always easy to determine whether an item contains latex. For the most part, foam rubber is composed of synthetic materials and therefore does not contain ... Read More »

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Does 3M Adhesive Putty contain latex?

3M Adhesive Putty can be used on a variety of surfaces to adhere objects together. Fortunately, it does not contain latex and is safe for users if it comes in contact with the skin.References:Multi... Read More »

Does duct tape contain latex?

Most duct tape does contain latex and should not be handled by people with latex allergies. Transparent duct tape, however, doesn't contain latex and is a good option for people with latex allergie... Read More »

Does urethane foam contain dehp?

Urethane foam, which is more commonly called polyurethane foam, is often found in mattresses and furniture and contains very small, almost trace amounts of Di 2ethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP). DEHP is ... Read More »

Is foam latex?

Foam is formed by trapping air bubbles within a liquid or solid, so latex itself isn't foam, as it is normally a thick, milky liquid. However, foam latex is a form of latex whipped into a foam and ... Read More »