Does flush the fat work?

Answer On One Hand: Detoxification and Bowel MovementsFlush the Fat with Internal Flush is a means of flushing or detoxifying the colon, clearing away waste buildup like toxins, pesticides, feces and dead... Read More »

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How does "STAT FLUSH! work?

It will not get it out of your system, and if you use it, it will show up as a masking agent on a drug test, which is an automatic fail.

How Do Flush Toilets Work?

Toilets don't operate simply on the principle of gravity in sweeping water and waste materials down plumbing pipes. Toilets also use a siphoning system. Toilets are more functional than they are co... Read More »

Does Flush the Fat internal cleanse work?

On One Hand: Flush the Fat's StanceFlush the Fat claims that its product cleanses toxins that have been built up in the small intestine due to an unhealthy diet. The removal of these toxins is clai... Read More »

Does a royal flush with hearts beat a royal flush with spades?

In standard poker rules, a royal flush is the highest winning hand a person can have. One suit is of no more value than another. If there are two royal flushes in the same hand, it is considered a ... Read More »