Does fish oil help with the stomach flu?

Answer On One Hand: Multiple BenefitsNIH researchers have shown that fish oil has multiple benefits, including reducing the risk of heart attacks, stroke and abnormal heart rhythm and lowering blood press... Read More »

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HELP! Boyfriend with BAD stomach pains!!!?

HELP please Something wrong with my mom's stomach... any ideas?

That sounds like an ulcer, and she should definetly get in for a visit with her doctor. Ulcer pains are predominant after eating.Sounds like there could also be a problem with her gallbladder. Usua... Read More »

Does heat on the stomach help relieve nausea?

Surely its worth a try, i say do it.its not permanent

Does colon cleansing help reduce stomach fat?

No. Proponents erroneously claim colon cleansing removes fecal fat and impacted feces that distends the stomach. Feces contains no significant fat because the small intestine, not the colon, absorb... Read More »