Does financial aid pay for university housing?

Answer It depends what your EFC is. My EFC is 0, I go to UCLA and it covers for my tuition, AND housing( 14400 a year it includes 19 meals a week in the dining halls ect.) and my books. About housing, it ... Read More »

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Can Financial Aid pay for off campus housing?

You can do what you want with your refund. Some people opt to not work while in school, others pay rent or pay for car or insurance, whatever you want as long it is for you living expenses after y... Read More »

How do I use my Financial Aid money to pay for housing?

Your financial aid will go to your school account where it will first be used to pay your tuition and fees. Then anything left over will be automatically applied to your housing bill if you're liv... Read More »

Can financial aid cover off campus housing?

The most any student with an EFC of zero can receive in a Federal PELL grant is a little over $4000. It doesn't matter if you live on or off campus. Your school will have a budget in place for of... Read More »

Questions on University Financial Aid?

Financial aid packages are as diverse as the students who apply. The type and amount of financial aid you receive is based on your family's level of need, the cost of your education, and sometimes ... Read More »