Does financial aid cover school supplies and books?

Answer youll get something in the mail...if you havent already, telling you how much money youve been awarded for financial really depends on how much money your getting and how much your spending ... Read More »

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Is it possible to buy textbooks and other school supplies with financial aid money?

Yes. that's what financial aid is for. You should get a check

How to Obtain a Second Student Loan for Books & Other School Supplies With Bad Credit?

You've applied for and obtained initial loans and grants to pay for tuition, but now you have to pay for books and supplies. Another setback is bad credit. You're worried that no loan company will ... Read More »

How to Cover School Books Using Biodegradable Materials?

Plastic book covers are a source of white pollution... : if every student has an average of nine books, and two plastic covers are used per book per semester, then the 1,166 students in Taiping El... Read More »

Does medicare cover incontinent supplies?

Medicare coverage of incontinence does not (as of May 2010) extend to absorbent products such as adult diapers. However, coverage is provided for other types of incontinence supplies, such as cathe... Read More »