Does fibre really speed up you're bowel system?

Answer â„¢KENDRA♥, it's important to distinguish here between the laxative effects of fiber and the bulking characteristics of fiber. Fibers that are higher in soluble fiber will have a laxative effect.... Read More »

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Is 10GBASE-T copper or fibre, if copper what is the equivalent name of 10GB fibre cable?

10GBase-T is the standard for 10GB Ethernet over twisted pair copper cablesWhen you use optical fibre there are several different port types to choose from so you'll see references like these:10GBA... Read More »

Your 5 years old daughter poohs her pants she is really constipated she just poohs very little but its not watery like diarrhea or anything only has her bowel movemnet in 3 4 days its really irregular?

Approximately 700 or an average of 14 per state. Pediatric Surgeons can be found in Children's Hospitals or very large Community Hospitals in large cities.

Does using two monitors slow down the speed of the system, or does it stay the same, I'm trying it out?

Well it does take up more CPU usage so maybe just a little. I use two screens but I see no difference in speed.

Does speed or bad driving REALLY kill?

It's fine and dandy that you're concentrating but what can be said for the escaped lunatic driving in the car in front of you, is he concentrating. You never know who you are driving with. You coul... Read More »