Does feta contain salt?

Answer Feta is a brined cheese, which means it is soaked in a bath of salt water. One ounce of this Greek cheese holds more than 300mg of sodium, which is nearly twice the amount of sodium found in the sa... Read More »

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Does feta cheese contain lactose?

Yes. According to Professor's House, feta contains lactose, though it is usually of a different composition than the lactose found in cow's milk. For that reason, feta is a food that most lactose-i... Read More »

What does salt contain?

Common table salt is a chemical combination of sodium and chloride. Salt is actually a crystal that grows as the sodium and chloride atoms bond together. Salt has been used historically as not only... Read More »

Does sea salt contain lead?

On One Hand: Trace Amounts of Lead PresentIt is true that sea salt may contain lead, but usually only trace amounts. For example, an analysis performed by Dowsers, a seller of Celtic Salt, found le... Read More »

Does Tibetan salt contain iodine?

Tibetin salt does not contain iodine. Derived from an ancient, evaporated lake at the base of the Himalayas, this natural salt is 99.9 percent pure sodium chloride. In 2008, the Nepali Times report... Read More »