Does feta cheese mold?

Answer According to Triple "A" Cheese, a feta manufacturer located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada, feta can mold like any other cheese after a certain amount of time. The company suggests that, though mos... Read More »

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Does feta cheese contain lactose?

Yes. According to Professor's House, feta contains lactose, though it is usually of a different composition than the lactose found in cow's milk. For that reason, feta is a food that most lactose-i... Read More »

How long does feta cheese last in the fridge?

2 days. But you'll want to have fresh bread whenever you eat it.

How long does feta cheese stay fresh?

Feta cheese typically stays fresh for three months in the refrigerator if it is kept in the brine it was packaged in. It will keep indefinitely in the freezer, but there is a possibility that the f... Read More »

What is the difference between goat cheese&feta cheese?

Feta and goat cheese are often confused. Some believe they are interchangeable. Although both cheeses have a similar flavor, color and texture, the biggest difference between them is the source o... Read More »