Does felt chemically react with a silver locket?

Answer Silver reacts chemically with sulfur to produce the compound silver sulfide, which is commonly known as silver tarnish. Felt, wool, rubber bands, eggs and onions are some of the many foods and mate... Read More »

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Why does dry ice react with water?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) and is made by treating CO2 gas with high pressure and refrigeration. It has a temperature of -109 degrees F---considerably colder than water's freezing tempe... Read More »

Does sulfur react with water?

Sulfur poured into water is insoluble, meaning that the solution does not mix. For this reason, water and sulfur are nonreactive when mixed together. Sulfur dioxide, a product of metal smelting, ma... Read More »

Does hydrogen react with oxygen?

Hydrogen does react with oxygen. Two moles of hydrogen gas react with one mole of oxygen gas in order to form water. This chemical reaction is known as a synthesis reaction.References:Chemistry Com... Read More »

Your daughter is 8 week pregnant has felt sick run down with working her breast hurt but since she has been taking sanatgen pro natal she has felt much better is wondering whether she still is but?

Prenatal Vitamins in Pregnancy Do We Need Vitamin Supplements? Most women think that prenatal vitamins are a must during pregnancy and for sure we do not get enough of the vitamins and minerals th... Read More »