Does feed corn pop when heated in the microwave?

Answer No, feed corn does not pop when it is heated. Popcorn has a hard outer shell that explodes when the core of the kernel gets hot enough. Feed corn is porous, which allows the kernels to absorb and r... Read More »

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Is water heated in a microwave safe to drink?

On One Hand: Safe to DrinkWarming water in a microwave results in water that is safe to drink. Microwaves use microwave radiation to warm their contents. Unlike X-rays and other high-energy radiati... Read More »

Can you use feed corn for corn meal?

Using feed corn for corn meal has two problems. Feed corn comes in five grades. Only grades No. 1 and No. 2 are considered good enough for human consumption. Also, some feed corn is transgenic, mea... Read More »

How to Microwave Corn on the Cob?

Want some warm, crisp, juicy corn on the cob right away? Don't want to boil out the vitamins? Got a microwave? Here's how to prepare fresh corn in the shortest and easiest way!

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