Does fathers have to pay for child support plus when the child is starting school that fee to?

Answer it really depends on whether or not there was a court order stating to do so or it could depend on an agreement between the parents. often it could be arranged that the father pays child support an... Read More »

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If a child does not have the fathers last name does the father still pay child support?

Yes. The child does not need to be named after the father for him to be obliged to pay child support. He needs to be the biological father, that's all. Child support obligations arise from being th... Read More »

Can a fathers rights be taken away if he cannot support his child?

Hi if u mean the he does not pay child Pennsylvania no they still have all rights to see their children. The courts will tell you that they are two different courts. And if they don't ... Read More »

Do retired fathers have to pay child support?

if the child is still at the age to where child support is needed than it doesn't matter if the father is retired.

Texas Child Support Laws for Fathers?

The state of Texas has specific laws regarding the role of a father in child support. Not all of these laws are punitive. In fact, some laws actually protect a father's rights if money paid for chi... Read More »