How to Turn Man Boobs Into Muscle?

Answer Okay so has you wife or even your family told you that you need to lose some weight. That you have boobs. Well here are some good tips to help you.

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Can muscle turn to bone?

YES. A genetic defect responsible for a rare bone disorder, fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP). Skeletal muscles and connective tissues turn into bone. FOP can cause this but not in health... Read More »

The muscle in my neck hurts a lot and I can't turn my head to the left, what is the problem or what can I do?

You strained a muscle, you need to gently stretch it. Take a shower and let your neck get warm, and gently roll your head to one side and then the other. When you feel the pain the hold it in that ... Read More »

What would happen if you replaced skeletal muscle with cardiac muscle?

Nothing, you will be more vulnerable to "HEART PROBLEM EVERYWHERE".

Which is a better protein for building muscle: Syntha-6 or Muscle Milk?

On One Hand: Syntha-6 BenefitsSyntha-6 is made of fast-, medium- and slow-digesting proteins so the body gets a steady supply over an eight-hour period. Best taken before going to bed, Syntha-6 has... Read More »