Does facebook mess with your emotions?

Answer yes but i try to stay away from facebook.. a former bully added me and tried to be all nice n stuff but i just blocked him.. some girl deleted me but she was annoying anyway.. a lot of people that ... Read More »

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Does cholesterol and blood pressure medicine mess with your period?

Do you know that no women has ever benefited for cholesterol meds? Out of the hundreds of studies, paid for by Big Pharma, none have shown a benefit to anyone except males between the ages of 17 an... Read More »

Every time I go into my email you people mess it up. I dont be wrong about the password. Stop mess with my?

who are you talking to? it's not like your fellow users here at Y!A can help you with your problem

How to Deal With Your Emotions?

Everyone has emotions. Some people, however, may not know how to deal with those emotions. Whether your dealing with anger, depression, or frustration, you always need a way to manage your feelings... Read More »

How to Do Facebook Emotions?

Facebook's chat function allows users to type messages to each other in real time, creating a virtual conversation between two people. Because you and your chat partner cannot see one another, Face... Read More »