Does facebook depress you at all?

Answer Yes, it kind of depressed me as well. It reminded me that I am a boring person. I would see all of my friends updating their facebook with what they were doing, and how awesome it was, and how they... Read More »

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Why we crave for fatty food when we are depress or anxious?

First off, not everybody does. Some people lose their appetite when they are stressed out, and so they lose weight via not eating enough.However, a lot of people do increase their calories, especia... Read More »

Why won't the primer bulb on my chainsaw go down/depress very easily?

The purpose of a primer bulb is to pump gasoline to the carb. It has a one way check valve. Once it is pumped full of gas it becomes hard or impossible to depress. Another cause is that gasoline ... Read More »

My kid is depress and wants to kill hiself how do i stop this mood he is in PLEASE HELP?

Patiently and kindly talk gently to your child, you should also very urgently seek proffessional help.

Facebook isn't Working 9/22/10 Does Anyone know Whats is Going on with Facebook?

THEY JUST REPORTED IT ON THE NEWS.C'mon. It's a social network site. Go outside.