Does excessive laptop use promote poor posture?

Answer Not just poor posture, but carpal tunnel and other problems. Since we tend to lug them wherever and use them that way, we hunch, we hover, we slouch. Me, I lay back on my recliner with my knees pro... Read More »

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Help! I have a stiff neck caused by poor sleeping posture. What should I do?

The best posture for you to sleep is your face 90 degree to the front and not to the side. If you can't control your head during your sleep (Obviously) I advice you to put 1 pillows at your left an... Read More »

How does poor living lifestyle and poor diet cause cancer?

They don't.There are no foods proven to cause or contribute to cancer, or to affect its progress = the only certain diet-related cancer risk is a diet high in red and processed meat, which is a maj... Read More »

What would cause excessive sweating in a toddler i.e. meaning excessive with no known reason such as heat or running and playing etc?

Some children do sweat more. If the child is found to be otherwise normal there is no need to worry.

Why does Good posture hurt my back?

There are a few reasons why this could be. Many young people slouch because they feel awkward, are self-conscious, or their usually more mobile skeletons feel more comfortable in those positions. Y... Read More »