Does everyone with bipolar cheat?

Answer No. My best friend is bi-polar and has only been with one woman for his entire life.

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Does everyone with cancer die?

No, Not at all. :) I am a survivor. My Father is a 14 year survivor, April is a Survivor! There are tons of survivors on here and out there! Don't panic! Listen to your doctors and do your treatmen... Read More »

Why does everyone fall in love with the bartender?

They may not get paid but but bartenders control what's in the drink, LOL!No, seriously, they're sober so they seem smarter than the other drunks in the place and they usually seem so sympathetic p... Read More »

Does this happen to everyone with braces ?

My teeth weren't as white as they were before I got braces when I got my braces off, but after getting a cleaning from the dentist and brushing them a lot, they went back to the way they were.

BGT: WTF is with all the "Does everyone hate Susan Boyle or sick of" Q's?

totally agree with you, what i can tell from the Q's is that people are sick of susan because of all the media exposure!! It's hardly her fault what news editors put into their papers and i find it... Read More »