Does everyone in the world with a computer use Google to find most things?

Answer i think most people do but not everyone

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Do you think everyone in the world has a computer?

Of course not. There are far too many poor people, homeless people, elderly and people who live in jungles that do not have computers.Check out this article from Intel. They estimate only 10% of ... Read More »

Why does everyone use Google?

not everyone uses google, most people use google because it is easy, fast and reliable.It also gives great results, it distinguishes between news sites and other sites, friends influence them to us... Read More »

My google chrome had a homepage that showed the things i most visit, now its gone. how do i turn it back on?

When you open Chrome, look for an arrow either on the left side or right side. You might be at the end of the homepage pages, clicking the arrow, will take you to the homepage pages.Let me know if ... Read More »

What does everyone think of Google Earth?

O man it is great. When I first got it I had so much fun. I was a total nerd burger ! I was having fun like I was five again, cruising all around finding some island in the middle of the ocean and ... Read More »