Does everyone have to get braces on the bottom?

Answer Nope, my bottom teeth are perfect, which is why i only have braces in the top. And they don't look weird at all on me, because when you smile, your bottom teeth don't show. REALLY! Keep smiling!! =... Read More »

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Does everyone have to get spacers or an expander before getting braces?

I got a spacer, without getting braces. its like if there is 3 teeth but the one in the middle fell out, and its growing back, the two beside it will also grow and take over that space, so it holds... Read More »

If you have gaps on the bottom row of your teeth, do you need braces?

My orthodontist took a mold of my teeth, placed all the braces accordingly, and then put them in my mouth with special glue. Since you have gaps in your teeth I'm 99% positive there would be no ri... Read More »

WHY does everyone hate braces?

I have the same problem as you. I have a terrible overbite and overjet plus a cross bite and a tiny open bite. My bottom teeth are terribly crooked. I'm going into high school and I just got my bra... Read More »

Does this happen to everyone with braces ?

My teeth weren't as white as they were before I got braces when I got my braces off, but after getting a cleaning from the dentist and brushing them a lot, they went back to the way they were.